Priya Krishna’s Quarantine Journal: Entry Two

Priya-diary-entry-two-dads-yogurtFor as long as I can remember, the middle shelf of our fridge has been occupied by large stainless-steel containers of my dad’s homemade yogurt. He started making yogurt back in the nineties, when my family first moved from New Hampshire to Texas, and he has been propagating the same yogurt starter ever since. I have never had yogurt as good as my dad’s. I am no food scientist, but I’d like to think that with every batch, the yogurt has improved, gotten silkier, thicker, and more pleasantly tart. We, like many other South Asians, eat yogurt with most meals. It’s a cooling, refreshing counterpart to the spices in the dishes. When I got my first apartment in New York, I didn’t have time to…View Original Post

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