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David Horowitz Exposes Protests as Radical Left’s Attack on All Americans — “Black and White” Source: Red State

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What’s the Solution to the Non-Spontaneous Rioting? Source: Red State

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‘Peak Narcissism’: Brian Stelter Absurdly Compares George Floyd’s Death to CNN Arrests, Gets Dragged Source: Red State

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Breaking: Here’s the Flynn-Kislyak Call, Going After Flynn Over This Was Disgraceful Source: Red State

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CNN’s Van Jones Singles out Hillary Voters, Says Quiet Part out Loud About the Democratic Party and Racism Source: Red State

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WHO Advises Who Should Wear a Mask and When: The Mask Police Are Not Going to Be Happy Source: Red State

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Mayor of Minneapolis Lets Rioters Burn Down Police Station, Force Cops to Flee Under Attack, but Accuses Trump of ‘Weakness’ Source: Red State

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New Video of George Floyd Reveals More About His Killing While Authorities Drag Their Feet Source: Red State

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Watch: CNN Crew Arrested By MN State Police Live on Air During Riot Coverage Source: Red State

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Imagine Car Thieves Continuing to Drive the Cars They Stole – While Being Prosecuted for Car Theft Source: Red State

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