June 2020: Roar of the Crowd

June 2020: Roar of the Crowd

Roar_0620Dead Wrong I want to tell you how disappointed I was with R. G. Ratcliffe’s so-called “In Memoriam” to Clayton Willliams [“King of Crude,” April 2020]. I saw Ann Richards on South Padre Island before her election and told her to “give ’em hell,” to which she spryly replied, “I will.” But I don’t think even she would have appreciated the “dance on his grave” treatment of Ratcliffe’s story. Ratcliffe was there to hear the crude joke. Now he is part of the story. Write a book, not a memoriam. Chris Boswell, Harlingen Yes, [Williams] was a buffoon. Ann Richards was the obvious choice [for governor] back then. But where you got the story wrong is where you stated that after [Richards’s] only term, “evangelical religious conservatives…View Original Post

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