Is the Cursed “Pac-Man” Face Mask for Real?

Is the Cursed “Pac-Man” Face Mask for Real?

Pac man with face mask onThis week, Dallas’s NBC 5 shared a brief clip from a broadcast about a new face-mask invention. It supposedly allows people to eat even as they practice recommended behaviors intended to protect others from any virus particles that may escape from their mouths. Here is the version of it that appeared on Twitter, much to the consternation of the social media platform’s users: Inventors developed a coronavirus mask that lets you eat without taking it off. Squeeze a lever and it opens a slot so you can go at it like Pac-Man. Inventors say the mask lets you can dine out with friends without taking your mask off. — NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) May 19, 2020 There are many good questions to ask after…View Original Post

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