From the Editor, June 2020: “Investing in Talent”

From the Editor, June 2020: “Investing in Talent”

EDLETTER_0620At a time when Texans are hungrier than ever for news, the pandemic economy has struck news outlets hard. Since mid-March, hundreds of publications, including dozens in Texas, have announced layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts. More than fifty have suspended print publication, and some have gone out of business entirely. At Texas Monthly, we’ve been fortunate. Ad revenue is down, but not as sharply as at most other publications. We’ve had to postpone some of our live events but have converted a couple into video series, such as our “Bedtime Stories,” which have attracted more than 375,000 video views. Our paid print subscriptions are growing. So is traffic on our website, where in March we set a new record of three million visitors. We hope…View Original Post

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