CSPD Complaint Statistics Show “Troubling Trend” – Brazos Reporter founder Addresses College Station City Council

CSPD Complaint Statistics Show “Troubling Trend” – Brazos Reporter founder Addresses College Station City Council

Brazos Reporter founder David Flash will address the City of College Station City Council with the following comments during the General Meeting which commences on May 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

My name is David Flash. I reside in Leander, Texas and I am currently a Graduate Student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I operate BrazosReporter.com, a local news site as a public service and media lab to experiment with Digital Audience Strategies, the focus of my graduate program.

In reporting on College Station’s Police Department, I noticed a troubling trend in their complaint statistics. That is why I am addressing the the council this evening.

In 2004, College Station Police Department logged a total of 67 professional standards, sometimes called internal affairs complaints. In 2018, they logged a total of 11. While the city’s population increased 52%, from 80,000 to 122,000, the CSPD complaint rate per 10,000 citizens dropped 89%, from 8.35 in 2004 to just .08 complaints per 10,000 residents in 2018.

While it is possible that CSPD has improved its performance that dramatically since 2004, it is more likely that policies and practices surrounding how complaints are handled are the root of this dramatic “improvement” in the department’s complaint statistics.

My written comments to the City Council, along with the following articles I have published on BrazosReporter.com shed light on what I believe may be causing the drop in complaints.

“It might take a while for them to read it…” CSPD responds to citizen request for complaint form, encourages informal complaint instead

City of College Station Investigation Finds Misconduct Occurred

CSPD Does Not Publish its Policy Manual Online

Complaint: College Station Police Chief Failed to Follow Policy During Investigation

CSPD Allows Uniformed Officers to Appear in Political Campaigns

In covering CSPD as a reporter I have come to believe, in the interest of integrity and public safety, the City Council must carefully investigate and seek solutions to remediate both its formal and informal management processes and policies surrounding Professional Standards Complaints.

Thank you for your time.

Source: Brazos Reporter

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