Community Spotlight: Jeff Garcia focuses on faith, family, and service

Community Spotlight: Jeff Garcia focuses on faith, family, and service
Community Spotlight: Jeff Garcia focuses on faith, family, and service

Faith, family, and service. Three things that mean the most to Jeff Garcia, someone who manages to make positive impacts in all of them everyday with his determination, honor, integrity, and wise moral compass.

A devoted member of St. Teresa Catholic Church of Bryan, Jeff takes an active role in weekly masses, the Men’s Fellowship Group, and teaching classes. His dedication to growing in faith and spirit, and living accordingly, serves as a magnet to draw those he comes into contact with to seek the same themselves.

Jeff has been happily married for nineteen years to his wife Pennie, with whom he shares three wonderfully grounded children, Noah, Gavon, and Jaida. Jeff’s love for his family, and the attentive manner in which he provides for them as a strong and supportive head of home on every level, is never in doubt. Jeff also is a great son, brother, cousin, nephew, and uncle, keeping the bonds of family close to his heart.

Professionally, Jeff is a Community Development Coordinator for Standards Home Health, a position in which he goes above and beyond in providing care and support to his clients, the majority of whom are elderly. Jeff treats those entrusted to his care with the upmost respect, kindness, compassion, and honor, helping to improve the quality of their lives, being a friend and champion to them.

What is even more admirable about Jeff is the fact that he has managed to continue displaying consistent excellence on all three of those fronts even during these chaotic times of uncertainty due to the pandemic crisis. He has done so by growing even closer to his family, keeping in contact church members and clients online and in-person, and conducting faith-based and fitness videos in and effort to continue making the lives of others better with multi-faceted approaches. These efforts are something Jeff does all on his own, not seeking adulation or compensation, just wanting to make a difference.

Jeff Garcia is a constant source of strong and dependable leadership in this community, uplifting others in his actions and presence. Always leading with a smile on his face and and an open heart, what he does everyday as a beacon of light, love, hope, inspiration, and motivation makes Jeff a true man of distinction, and this community is all the better because of him.

Source: Brazos Reporter