Community Spotlight: Crystal Latson, R.N., a Survivor Who is Thriving

Community Spotlight: Crystal Latson, R.N., a Survivor Who is Thriving

There is something to be admired and celebrated of a person who overcomes their own hardships and tribulations and uses those experiences to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Crystal Latson is that kind of person on so many levels.

As a nurse for 12 years at CHI St. Joseph College Station, Crystal is on the frontlines of providing care during the most stressful and tense of times. Crystal’s love of helping others serves as daily motivation in her job, providing a compassionate, patient, and caring bedside manner to patients. She lets those patients know that they are not alone, praying over and comforting them. Crystal says that being aware and mindful of their conditions keeps her humble and grateful for how she herself has been blessed, and only fuels her desire to be of service.

Crystal answered the call to become a nurse following her own bouts with medical dilemmas, the biggest one being a diagnosis with systemic lupus. Crystal was able to take what could have been a devastating blow head-on, courageously fighting the autoimmune disease with chemo treatments, refusing to give up as it attacked her body. She credits her faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ in giving her the strength and determination needed to defy the dire prognosis some doctors gave, and emerged from chemo treatments without the need for a kidney transplant. Crystal’s lupus has now been in remission for five years. Firmly believing that early detection and accurate diagnosis is key to better outcomes as far as lupus is concerned, Crystal advocates and hopes for more local lupus support groups, as being heard and sharing with others aided in her own journey.

Crystal now is able to use her own health experiences as testimonies to patients, giving them hope and inspiration in facing their own situations. She is a bright light to those who need it the most, offering not only medical care, but nurturing of souls and healing of hearts.

With May being Lupus Awareness Month, as well as this nation now seeing just how vital and invaluable nurses are as evidenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is only fitting that Crystal Latson be applauded for the brave work she does as a professional, as well as for being a lupus warrior. A truly remarkable woman of strength, empathy, determination, caring, and willingness to share her life and heart, Crystal’s optimistic attitude and personality sets her apart in this world, which is a better place with her in it. Crystal is a true blessing and angel on earth to all those she comes into contact with, educating, inspiring, motivating, caring for, and uplifting. That she is an asset to this community is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Source: Brazos Reporter