College Station electric contractor commences campaign to bully local reporter

College Station electric contractor commences campaign to bully local reporter
College Station electric contractor commences campaign to bully local reporter

Image: Brazos Business file photo by David Flash, August 2015

The Downtown Elixir and Spirits Company thinks a Brazos Reporter writer is responsible for turning his restaurant in to TABC authorities. The writer did not report anything to TABC. However at this time, authorities have been alerted about the harassing, threatening messages that indicate harm is intended toward the writer and his dog, both of whom are well-loved members of the Downtown Bryan community.

College Station electric contractor commences campaign to bully local reporter
This disturbing messaging from Downtown Elixir bar owner Dustin Batson was not provoked by “similarly hard to stomach” replies from its recipient.

In response to the publication of our story, Batson’s facebook friend and Elite Electric manager Andreas Pavlatos, who has never met or done business with the reporter posted the following to his personal facebook account:

“So, everyone knows Bruce W. Batson is being TARGETED by this psycho… Why don’t we all start a public group where everyone can come forward with their stories of this psychopath harassing them so the public can see what a complete and total douchebag this guy is and shun him from BCS once and for all? He does absolutely zero good for the community and is a self absorbed psychopath. All he does is target good people with his nonstop bullshit.”

Pavlatos made several legally actionable and provably false claims about the reporter in the post quoted above. He has already been sent notice to cease and desist.

Rather than tell the truth, that no messages had been sent or received from the reporter to provoke his death threats and entreaties for the reporter to kill himself, Batson posted the following statement selling a false narrative that his threats were in response to harassment. To further attempt to discredit the reporter and bolster his false claims, Batson listed several local businesses, operated by his friends, that he says have restraining orders against the reporter. In reality, nobody has ever filed any restraining order against the reporter who was threatened.

Following is Batson’s comment on Pavlatos’ post:

I guess its better to address this now. [The reporter] has been commenting threatening things to me for almost a month now. He comments on threads or posts stuff to my wall and then deletes in minutes later. I sent him those carefully worded things so he would leave me the fuck alone. I said he was going to die. We are all going to die, so it wasn’t a threat. It was for shock value so he would finally fuck off. Should I have done it? Probably not. Was it out of line? Probably. Do I regret it? A little. I’m sorry for anyone who thinks less of me because of this. I was just in a bad spot, already angry and frustrated, and then he kept pulling his bullshit. He has restraining orders from Elite Electric, JBG Plumbing, Sour Apple Repair, and The Brazos Valley Boys and Girls Club.

Batson’s narrative and assertions impugning the reporter’s character are entirely false. Following is a breakdown of the lies central to Batson’s false narrative.

It’s false that the reporter had been “has been commenting threatening things to [him] for almost a month now…” His terrorizing behavior was not provoked.

Prior to Batson’s May 4, 2020 tirade of threatening messages, the reporter’s last contact with Batson was on April 20, 2020. He messaged the reporter. Batson had posted on facebook bragging about a black market haircut. The reporter made a comment that it wasn’t cool to do that. He noted he had friends in the industry scraping by to do the right thing. But he deleted it quickly. It wasn’t an inappropriate comment in any way. The reporter just decided there were better ways to spend his time than commenting / replying on Batson’s post. But then, Batson messaged the reporter about the comment. The reporter did reply but had no further communication with Batson after that brief Facebook messenger conversation.

College Station electric contractor commences campaign to bully local reporter
Message from Dustin Batson to our reporter on April 20. Our reporter did reply, but had no contact after that date.

Contrary to false narratives being propagated by those defending Batson’s actions, all of our media outlets’ coverage of West End Elixir Co and The Downtown Elixir and Spirits Company over the years has been positive. Prior to reporting the death threats one of the proprietors sent concerning a Brazos Reporter journalist and his dog, all coverage had been glowing. In fact, both establishments made our “Pups on Patios” list of dog-friendly eateries.

Nobody from the Reporter harassed Batson.

The reporter was not, as Batson claims, “pulling any bullshit” that resulted in the tirade of threats. While we cannot comprehend Batson’s motive behind his message, besides misdirected anger, we know it was not so our reporter would, as he said, “leave [him] the fuck alone.” The Reporter is currently having to deal with law enforcement authorities to ensure we are left alone, however.

No restraining orders have ever been filed against our reporter.

Over the 20 years our reporter has operated businesses in the Brazos Valley, it has been necessary to take legal action to collect debts or stop fraud a handful of times. Two of the three businesses Batson falsely asserts have restraining orders against our reporter have been the subject of documented legal action by organizations the reporter worked in and/or controlled. The nonprofit he claims has a restraining order against the reporter actually received over $1,500 from companies the reporter operates. The reporter is currently working on a story about why they cannot account for the funds received.

Elite Electric, Bryan, TX: The reporter has never had any business dealings with Elite Electric at all. He and the dog Batson alluded to killing, however, did volunteer with Elite Electric’s office manager for several years in Aggieland Pets with A Purpose. He also volunteered with Hospice Brazos Valley during the same time period. They vet their volunteers and do not allow people with restraining orders to serve in patient care roles, we’re quite sure.

JBG Plumbing, Bryan, TX: John Bradley Gause owns JBG Plumbing. He used to operate Prospector’s Saloon & Grill with his wife Anne Gause. The last contact the reporter had with anyone in the Gause family was Julie Gause, John Bradley’s mother who operates another plumbing company in town. She was inquiring about help on her website. Prior to that, the reporter was forced to retain an attorney to collect a bad debt from Prospector’s Saloon & Grill. No restraining orders or lawsuits were filed on either side. Had Brad Gause filed a restraining order against our reporter, it makes no sense that his own mother would subsequently contact the reporter for professional web marketing assistance. Furthermore, the restraining order would exist in court records if it were real outside the world of Batson’s tall tale.

Sour Apple Repair, College Station, TX: This operation committed numerous acts of fraud against the customers of Brazos VIP, a firm our reporter operated. He lied to their mutual customers stating that our reporter’s daily deal company never paid him to honor vouchers they presented. The deal company auto-issued refunds to those customers and he collected the cash over his counter…so he got the deal company’s check, told the customer he didn’t, and got paid from both the deal company and the customer. Each time he did that was an average $70 hit. He also breached an agreement owing the reporter’s firm over $1,600. And, Sour Apple Repair traded in fake Otter Boxes, victimizing the reporter’s customers who bought vouchers for real ones. The one thing he never did, because no contact by the reporter would precipitate such an action, was file a restraining order against our reporter. All of the documents and complete narratives are here. The reporter found it necessary to publish them to refute Sour Apple’s incessant ad hominem attacks. They have been relentless ever since our reporter dropped them as a client after discovering their fraudulent practices.

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Brazos Valley: Our reporter has been a long-time supporter of BGCBV, donating both ad space and cash to the nonprofit. After noticing some receipts for documented contributions were never sent, our reporter recently sent the following request to the club’s attorney on April 22:

I contributed approximately $1,560 to Boys and Girls club from 2011 to 2016 via several remittances through several accounts I controlled. Aside from a couple checks I wrote from our corporate account, I had the checks mailed to y’all by my payables teams that sent out merchant split checks for me. Sometimes I got a thank you letter. Often, it likely went to the payables firms’ addresses. I need to go back and break down how much each entity remitted on behalf of 365 Deals and Brazos VIP. I’m hoping you can have someone go back in your donor records and check for exact totals for each entity. Here are the entities that I had send y’all checks: 365 Deals for U (Tippr, LLC); Brazos VIP (InstaGift or Deal-Coop); Campus Deal Media, LLC; David Flash. Please reply with totals remitted by each donor account listed above. Thanks and have a great 2020!

Our most recent communication from Matthew Doss, the club’s attorney, was received the same day:

To be clear, the time frame for the search you want done is for 2011 to 2016 for yourself and the following entities: 365 Deals for U (Tippr, LLC); Brazos VIP (InstaGift or Deal-Coop); Campus Deal Media?

Please confirm by email.

The requested records still have not been received. The reporter had been asking for them since January, receiving conflicting answers in response. A story is in the works, but no restraining orders have been issued as no conduct warranting a restraining order has occurred as we’ve patiently sought the nonprofits financial records that pertain to the contributions of our reporter and his organizations.

Source: Brazos Reporter