Cafe Eccell changes names… Again!

Cafe Eccell changes names… Again!
Cafe Eccell changes names… Again!

Café Eccell:

Greetings All,

So…the evolution continues, and the plot thickens. In short, we are changing the name of our recently announced new concept.

Let’s rewind to summer 2019. Andreas and I were relaxing in a pool in Austin contemplating a pivot from Café Eccell to a new concept. It had been 30 years, and it was time for a new chapter for too many reasons to list. Mainly that we wanted to shift from a business model with lots of competition that was challenging to operate and encroaching on family time to one that had no competition and would be better for our families. Without too many words here, we crafted an idea for a concept that BCS didn’t (and still doesn’t) have. The concept would be a very social, everyday type of place. A place where you could dine at Café Eccell quality level but with 40% lower prices, a more laid back atmosphere, and games to entertain all ages. We tossed a lot of name/brand ideas around and eventually came up with “The Local.” Our vision seemed to fit well within that confine.

Soon after we reserved the name “The Local on Texas” at both the Secretary of State and county levels, as we do with every venture we have/had and didn’t think much of it after that.

Recently, when we announced “The Local,” we were made aware that the seasonal market at LakeWalk was using that same name. We also began to understand all of the hard work they had put into building that brand up for this cool local market. Subsequent conversations with them directly led us to a decision to disband our use of the “The Local” name in an endeavor to minimize confusion, respect their hard work, and follow our desire to be good neighbors. It’s really no more complicated than that.

Things happen for a reason as they say, and we aren’t the type to let things like this slow us down.

So, we are pleased to officially present:

Public & Main
The Social Kitchen
“Where every hour is happy!”

We are thankful for the entire process from beginning to end. We feel we not only have a stronger mark that better captures the essence of our concept, but we’ve also made new friends along the way! More to come soon.

Costa and Andreas

Source: Brazos Reporter